There are moments during weddings when I just can't help but let my emotions get the best of me. This wedding was full of moments like this. When Jenna and Paul read their vows to each other during their first look I couldn't help the tears streaming down my face. These private m
The new collections from Tree Myriah are refined designs for adventurous souls. Are you a boho babe with a hint of elegance? These pieces will speak right to your wandering little heart. I've been obsessed with her pieces since the first day I laid eye on them. I am really excite
Jenna and Paul's San Francisco engagement session was one for the books. California holds a very special place in my heart and I always feel I do some of my best work here. I had the pleasure of flying out to adventure around with Jenna and Paul. We explored a few different place
Big Talbot Island holds a very special place in my heart. I spent a lot of time there while I was in college in St. Augustine. It was somewhat of a getaway, peaceful and beautiful. In the wake of Hurricane Mathew I wanted to blog this session as this beach is totaly destroyed now