Traverse city family photographer

Traverse City Family Session

Traverse City Family Session

Traverse City, Michigan

Cherry Blossom Family Photos

Sam and Alivia’s Traverse City cherry blossom family Session was an amazing way to start the Spring/Summer season! I love being a Traverse City family photographer.

Rove Estate graciously opened their doors to me, allowing this wonderful family to venture into their Cherry Blossom trees, creating an enchanting scene where laughter and joy blossomed. If your summer plans permit, I encourage you to explore this exquisite winery, not only for its captivating beauty but also to support a local, family-owned enterprise.

In the midst of this idyllic setting, Sam and Alivia, embodying kindness and warmth, embarked on a memorable session with their remarkable children. Their willingness to join me in this endeavor on short notice resonated deeply, and I am genuinely thankful for their spontaneity. Beyond their radiant personalities, they are also stewards of creativity, proudly owning an Architectural Design and Interiors business, “House on Horizon,” and curating an English Antiques enterprise, “House on the Horizon Imports.” The prospect of their handpicked treasures gracing my new home has me eagerly anticipating the stories these pieces will bring to life.

Nature’s artistry is an unpredictable marvel, and the timing of the cherry blossoms’ bloom graced me with its beauty earlier than anticipated, aligning serendipitously with my move to Northern Michigan. Having transitioned from the landscapes of Florida, the prospect of capturing the diverse tapestry of this new region brimming with captivating vistas was exhilarating.

Throughout the summer, a host of discounted sessions awaits, catering to families, couples, weddings, and elopements. This season of opportunity beckons for you to seize cherished moments against the backdrop of Michigan’s multifaceted beauty. Whether under the shade of blossoming trees or amidst the stunning landscapes, I eagerly await the chance to capture the stories of those who cross my lens. Your journey is my canvas, waiting to be transformed into a symphony of memories and emotions that will stand the test of time.

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