Meet Chelsea

Hey there! I’m the girl behind the lens of Chelsea Erwin Photography. I’m really bad about writing about myself but here it goes. I REAALLLYY love animals and my husband (in no particular order sorry babe) I’m a beach girl who grew up surfing and never lived away from the ocean. Now I am a farm girl getting ready to move my Noah’s arc of animals (plus my husband) to Traverse city Michigan!!! I live for story-telling and taking photos. I’m rarely serious and always making jokes, mostly at my own expense. I could live off of tacos and sushi and never get sick of either one. Traveling is my heart and I love exploring new places and immersing myself in new cultures. If you ask me to have a beer or shot at your wedding I won’t say no, just know all the photos will be crooked or blurry for the rest of the evening (just kidding…or am I?) I got married in January 2017 and it was literally the best freaking day of my life!!!!

Hey, It's me!

A little about what I do...