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Traverse City Courthouse Elopement || Alyssa + Adam

Traverse City Courthouse Elopement

Traverse City, Michigan

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Michigan Courthouse Elopement

Alyssa and Adam’s Michigan elopement was an absolute blast! This whirlwind elopement came together in just a few weeks, and let me tell you, these are the kinds of elopements that truly ignite my passion.

Our rendezvous took place right before their courthouse ceremony, allowing us to capture some heartwarming portraits and a touching first look. The ceremony itself was brief and intimate, surrounded by their closest family members. The festivities continued as we headed to The Boat House, where a delightful cocktail hour awaited, filled with laughter, wine, delectable food, and dancing.

From the couple to their entire families, I was embraced as if I were kin. Such an enjoyable and spirited group! Anticipation is already building for the upcoming family wedding next year, which I’m thrilled to photograph (Ana and Nate, I’m looking at you!).

I’m delighted to share the photos from this charming and joyous elopement in Michigan with you. And of course, we couldn’t wrap up the day without featuring Alyssa and Adam’s two utterly adorable furry companions!

Elopements have truly stolen my heart, and I’m eagerly looking forward to capturing more magical moments here in Northern Michigan throughout this summer.

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This Traverse City Courthouse Elopement

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