mountain elopement
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California Elopement Photographer

Megan and Chris made a bold decision to eschew the traditional trappings of a grand wedding and instead embraced an exhilarating Yosemite adventure elopement. And let me tell you, I couldn’t have been happier about their choice!

Yosemite National Park had long held a coveted spot on my bucket list, so when Megan extended the invitation, my immediate response was an emphatic “Absolutely, count me in!”

The icing on the cake was my existing friendship with Megan, which added an extra layer of excitement to the prospect of documenting their intimate elopement. While initially planned as an affair solely for the two of them, as the planning unfolded, they realized their hearts yearned for the presence of their families.

Their chosen location was nothing short of spectacular—an idyllic field framed by a majestic waterfall and the awe-inspiring mountains of Yosemite. Considering it was early May, we were incredibly fortunate with the weather. With no snow in sight and the waterfalls cascading magnificently due to the snowmelt, it was an absolute stroke of luck. May in Yosemite can be a bit of a gamble weather-wise, but on this day, nature smiled upon us.

Following their breathtaking ceremony, the three of us embarked on a full-day odyssey through the wonders of Yosemite. Exploring its hidden corners and iconic landscapes, every moment was etched with the thrill of discovery and the sheer joy of reveling in nature’s splendor.

It was an adventure that etched itself into the fabric of my memory—an escapade brimming with laughter, breathtaking vistas, and the celebration of love amidst one of nature’s most awe-inspiring backdrops.