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Romantic Tulum Elopement

Romantic Tulum Elopement at Casa Violeta

Brittany and Frank’s enchanting Tulum elopement lingers vividly in my memory, an occasion that remains etched in the depths of my heart. The privilege of capturing this momentous day for such remarkable individuals was an honor beyond measure.

My introduction to Brittany stemmed from her mobile boutique venture, the Bohemian Groove on the Move, housed within a charming airstream adorned with the most exquisite clothing and accessories. Our initial collaboration for a lifestyle photoshoot marked the inception of a beautiful friendship. Frank, an embodiment of charm and bravery as a police officer, seamlessly completed this dynamic duo.

When the couple approached me to document their elopement, fate seemed to challenge me with a scheduling conflict—a prior commitment to a Florida Keys wedding on the eve of their chosen date. However, missing their celebration was inconceivable. Without hesitation, I boarded an early flight the following day, determined to immortalize their union in Tulum.

The day unfolded as a tapestry woven with threads of pure magic and boundless affection. Their decision to partake in a traditional Mayan Shaman-led ceremony introduced me to an unparalleled experience, etching a new chapter in my repertoire of cherished moments. Yet, it was the mesmerizing decor and floral arrangements that truly stole the show—an infusion of breathtaking elements, with the allure of black accents adding an irresistible charm to the celebration.

Reflecting upon this surreal experience, I still find myself in awe of having been a part of their special day. Gratitude floods my being for the privilege of photographing such extraordinary souls and immortalizing their love story through my lens. The people I encounter through my lens continually enrich my life in ways I could never have imagined.