Check out the new Kattilac Gems Look Book! I’m obessed with this line of jewelry made with crystals. You can purchase her unique jewelry here: Kattilac Gems.

Here here to view the full Look book:

Styling: The ALTARnative –

Bikinis: INDIEswim –

Feather Crowns: CoCo Feathers –

Coverups: Mora Girls –

Model: Stacey Johnson

Assistant: Philomenna Polizzi 2014-10-13_0025.jpg 2014-10-13_0026.jpg 2014-10-13_0024.jpg 2014-10-13_0001.jpg 2014-10-13_0002.jpg 2014-10-13_0003.jpg 2014-10-13_0004.jpg 2014-10-13_0005.jpg 2014-10-13_0006.jpg 2014-10-13_0007.jpg 2014-10-13_0008.jpg 2014-10-13_0009.jpg 2014-10-13_0010.jpg 2014-10-13_0011.jpg 2014-10-13_0012.jpg 2014-10-13_0013.jpg 2014-10-13_0014.jpg 2014-10-13_0015.jpg 2014-10-13_0016.jpg 2014-10-13_0017.jpg 2014-10-13_0018.jpg 2014-10-13_0019.jpg 2014-10-13_0020.jpg 2014-10-13_0021.jpg 2014-10-13_0022.jpg 2014-10-13_0023.jpg