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How to Navigate Postponing Your Wedding During The Corona Virus Epidemic – Florida Wedding Photographer

Postpone Dont’ Cancel!!


Covid-19 has caused so much uncertainty for people across the world. The entire wedding and events industry has been rocked to its core with postponements and cancellations. I wanted to create this post to help alleviate some stress to my clients as well as any couple who is dealing with the possibility of postponing or cancelling their wedding. Wedding planning is stressful enough with out a pandemic going on so I have gathered some information to share with you in hopes that it will bring some peace of mind to you.

My current clients know that I am there for them to navigate this crazy time in whatever way possible. Below are some tips on how to climb the mountain that is postponing your wedding. If you don’t mind seeing my quarantined self (I promise I showered and put real clothes on) then I have put together a youtube video that goes into more detail about how to navigate this situation.


First things firsts, Postpone Don’t Cancel. Cancelling will cause you to lose a lot of money. Across the board in the wedding industry, vendors do not refund retainers. So, if you cancel you will lose your retainers.

What to do if you want to postpone:

Once you have decided to postpone/reschedule the first thing to do is reach out to your venue to find out what dates might be available to you. Keep in mind that for 2020 dates more then likely you will need to choose a Friday or Sunday date as most Saturdays are already taken. You can even choose a weekday if you have a smaller more intimate wedding.

Once you have some dates chosen this is the time when you need to reach out to all of your vendors and see what their availability is. Giving multiple date options will give you a chance to keep a lot more of your vendors.

What do I do if some of my vendors are not available for my new date:

This is when you will need to decide which vendors are most important to you or which ones you have the most invested in already. You will also need to reach out to your vendors to see what their policy is with refunds if they aren’t available for your new date.

What if we want to elope on our current date and still have a party later:

You need to check first what the executive orders say about gatherings and ect for your area. This will determine whether you will be aloud to continue with an elopement or not. Please keep your vendors in mind with this decision too as their safety should be a factor in this decision. If you can move forward with an elopement without breaking the executive orders then reach out to your vendors to see what their policy is going to be for attending that.

OK! All of our vendors are on board with our new date, now what?

If you have confirmed your new date with all of your vendors make sure to have a postponement contract sent over buy the vendor. This is something that needs to take place in order to secure your new date.

Remember we are all in this together and so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you have! I’m here for you whether you are a current client or not.