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Fall Bayview Wedding at Gallagher Farms

Mary + Craig

Fall Wedding

A colorful fall wedding ceremony at Bayview Weddings at Gallagher Farms.

Traverse City Wedding Venue

The Fall Bayview wedding at Gallagher Farms was truly an unforgettable affair, leaving a mark in the books of cherished memories. Mary and Craig, the dynamic duo behind this incredible celebration, are undoubtedly among the most remarkable individuals I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Their ability to curate and host an extraordinary event is unparalleled.

My introduction to Mary and Craig came through a mutual friend, and from the onset, I was captivated by their personalities. Mary, who dedicates extensive periods to her work with NOAA out at sea, orchestrated this splendid wedding from a distance. The sheer brilliance and attention to detail evident in every facet of the event are a testament to her dedication and hard work.

From the moment our paths crossed, it was evident that our synergy was destined for greatness. What began as a professional engagement swiftly blossomed into a genuine friendship, a facet of my work that I deeply treasure—transforming clients into friends is an invaluable aspect of my journey.

Bayview, nestled in the heart of Northern Michigan, holds a special place in my heart. Its breathtaking views of the Bay during the ceremony, coupled with its charming barns and the rustic fish camp, create an idyllic setting for celebrations.

Mary and Craig ingeniously embraced the offerings of this Northern Michigan wedding venue. Craig and his entourage explored the fish camp, reveling in its uniqueness, while Mary and her companions basked in the splendor of the farm’s main barn.

Capturing the essence of these two during the festivities was an absolute joy. The energy pulsating on the dance floor throughout the night was infectious, ensuring an evening filled with euphoria and endless memories.

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