Meet Chelsea


My love of photography and the ocean started on the shores of he Gulf in Northwest Florida. I spent my childhood spending hours at the beach and shooting lots of film. As I got older my passion for photography grew, when I was 15 I traveled to Europe and came home with around 100 roles of film I had shot (my mom wasn’t too happy about that ha!) I spent Christmas day that year filling photo albums with all of the images I took.

I’ve never been one to sit still very long and have had a bad case of wanderlust pretty much my whole life. Living in Mexico when I was 8 really triggered my travel bug.  I have traveled many places since to places like Spain, France, England, Morroco, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Mexico. I have actually traveled to more countries then states in the U.S.

Photography always fascinated me because it was a tool to capture emotion, fleeting moments we may never remember. In college I use to spend hours in the dark room anxiously waiting for my film to develop. After college I stepped away from photography for a while to work in the surf industry as a buyer and surf shop manager. That didn’t last long as I always felt an emptiness and I knew I had to get back to my roots and start back into photography.

In 2008 I quit my job and never looked back jumping head on into my photography business. I am so happy I did. Being a photographer is the most rewarding job. I get to work with and meet the most amazing and inspiring people. I am so thankful for my clients. I get to be a story teller and capture peoples memories with one click of a button. Capturing that raw emotion is what I always strive for when photographing weddings.

Today I work full time as a wedding and lifestyle photographer here in South Florida. I just recently got engaged and I’m planning our intimate destination wedding for summer of next year. 

I would love to hear from you: