Remnanat Heirlooms modern bouquet preservation has begun an awesome movement in South Florida by pushing for florists to move to a more sustainable practice. It’s no secret that florals are one of the most wasted things that come out of weddings. Angela (Owner and Designer) has found a way to turn your wedding florals into beautiful heirloom pieces. These one-of-a-kind pieces include kimonos, silk slip dresses, maxi dresses, scarves and kaftans. She hand dyes these pieces with your wedding florals and creates beautiful art.

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Every garment is unique in design and aesthetic. She takes her inspiration from the florals themselves in creating unique patterns and colors. These are not limited to brides only, any one can appreciate these.

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If you would like to get your hands on one of these pieces you can reach out to here on her website – https://remnantheirlooms.com. It doesn’t matter if your flowers are fresh or dried (my bouquet was 2 years old when she made my slip dress), she can still create something with them. She also has ready to go pieces for anyone who wants to grab one right away.

You can check out more of what she is up to by following her on instagram – www.instagram.com/remnant.heirlooms