Guess what!!?? You don’t have to be engaged to have a photo shoot together! I know, shocker but seriously how cute are these two! It was so much fun doing this couples adventure session at a local skate park. Des and Tyler are two love birds that I happen to cross paths with last year. Des is an incredible singer, like insane. If you haven’t heard her sing then you need to go to this website right here- www.desseamusic.com.  Be prepared to have chicken skin because she has the voice of an angel.

I had been creeping their social media accounts and couldn’t help but notice one, they are so freaking adorable together and two, they are super duper in love. Since I am currently working on a video project (more to come on that very very soon) I asked them to come to do a session with me. They were kind enough to volunteer their time and cuteness!

They came just as they are..which is how I like all of my clients to come to sessions. No frills, no fancy clothes just them in their real attire and that is when you get the best photos and have the best time. We cruised around the skate park for some fun photos then headed to my farm for the last half of the shoot.

I’m so thankful for my friends and clients who trust my vision! I can’t wait to share the video project I am working on!




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