Yes, you heard that right. Guess what? That is a good thing! I’m not for everyone and everyone is not for me. Finding the “right” photographer for a wedding is a really daunting task for most couples. Sifting through hundreds of websites, listening to your friend say “Hire my photographer! They were amazing”. OK, that is all great and good ( I love referrals) but guess what just because I was the ideal photographer for YOUR wedding doesn’t mean I will be the right photographer for your best friend or cousin or whoever.

I don’t treat weddings like a business transaction – maybe thats a good thing, maybe its a bad thing. My accountant probably says bad…but honestly I don’t give a shit. I’m in the business of creating art and memories not money. Yes, money is good but I have a love/hate relationship with it. I digress….

How to find the right wedding photographer

Finding a photographer that will be transparent with you is key. If I feel I am not the right fit for someone I tell them. What is the point of shooting a wedding I don’t feel a connection with? That benefits no one especially the couple. I use to just take any wedding I could get..every photographer starting out does this. This caused a lot of issues and unrealistic expectations from both sides.

I know the big thing in the wedding industry right now is to make couples look like they are trying to make the cover of the next romance novel….I’m sorry I may not be able to pull that off for you. UNLESS, you really do like to go to make out mountain in front of my camera. YOU DO YOU! I don’t want to force couples to be something they are not but at the same time make them feel the best they can feel on their wedding day. My creative process is simple, be you, don’t take your wedding day so seriously and HAVE FUN. Doing all of these things will get you amazing wedding photos as well as make your whole wedding experience fun.

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Below are some things for you to consider when choosing your wedding photographer:

  1. Does the photographer fit both of your personalities? Will the photographer capture the real you?
  2. Don’t hire a photographer just because your BFF reccomended them, make sure they are a right fit for you.
  3. DO YOUR RESEARCH. There are a ton of photographers out there some are amazing and some are not. Make sure to vet them as much as possible. Just because someone has a pretty website doesn’t mean they are a great photographer. Ask for full wedding galleries so you can see a wedding from start to finish.
  4. Do their photos resonate with you, give you good feelings?
  5. If a photographer isn’t within your budget but you feel they are THE one for you, don’t worry, just move some things around in your budget to make room for them. Also, don’t be shy, ask your photographer how you can make this work. Sometimes this means having less coverage or some photographers like myself, offer payment plans. There is always a way to make it happen.

Don’t take picking your wedding photogapher lightly. This is one of the most important decisions of your day. You only get one shot at getting amazing photos on your wedding day!