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Bohemian Blends is a new specialized aromatherapy and personal care product label made with essential oils. I had the pleasure of working with them on their brand launching campaign. Knowing what is in my personal care products is something that is very important to me and so I was happy to create imagery for this company as well as use the products myself. I personally like the Sacred Serenity.

Here is a little write up from the owners of Bohemian Blends, Shannon and Lindsay:

I’ve always been a strong creative with an entrepreneurial side. Deep conversations with different people inspire me. Health and wellness along with having a special connection with nature has always been very important. Being able to put a healthy and beneficial personal care option out there for people makes my heart happy. I think everyone should have access to natural alternatives and seek out to learn more information if they choose.  I often thought about the different chemicals and synthetic ingredients in the personal care products many people use. After asking my long time friend to partner with me in the hopes of being able to bring my vision to life, Bohemian Blends was born. Through our wonderful friendship and amazing partnership a true labor of love ignited.

Passionate and innovative would describe my personality best I suppose. Having a relatively calm demeanor, I’d say not sweating the small stuff is super important. I’ve always dreamt of creating something meaningful to share with the world. Being a giver by nature, I believe whole-heartedly in bringing more awareness to natural alternatives. I share the same sentiments as my friend and partner regarding the overload of chemicals and synthetics in many personal care products.

Each specialty blend is free of chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and hidden ingredients. Everything is made in the USA from our mixed batches, bottles, labels, and our bags. Our products are currently being sold in three store locations with more coming soon.

Each specialty blend has been handcrafted, hand poured, and hand stamped with love.


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